• Training

The basic training in military drill is imparted and the bearing of a raw person is perfected .He is taught to put on uniform, how tostand at ‘attention’ and ‘at ease’ and to ‘salute’.

The person is then acquainted with the means, active & passive, that allow the conduct of activities within the organization without disruption.

The training is based on two principles viz.,Intelligence and Control.The recruits are taught about the basic security attributes such as gathering information, information,prevention of crime,detections and aesthetics.The stress is laid on the Preventive and Aesthetic part of the security.

The entrants are taught to man, and exercise various controls through physical search and maintenance of gate records/registers. They are also taught to check details of the entry/exit of men and material. They are further trained to use their uniforms properly with a view to enhance the prestige of the organization they are deputed to serve. The syllabus includes –